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We found our dream house! At least, it is going to be...

Join us as we transform our next home into our dream house and forever home. We are going to completely remodel our next home to fit our growing family's needs and wishes. Having successfully remodeled four homes prior to this one, we are excited to take on this new endeavor, armed with the knowledge and ability required to dream big with a small budget. We will share our past experiences with previous homes we've completed, as well as take you on our next journey. We move in

An Introduction to Our Passions: Family and Home Renovations!

This is a small preview into our life. Nothing makes us happier than spending time with our girls, but we do love a good home renovation. After spending a few years renovating our current home, we've decided we needed something bigger and were lucky enough to find "the one"!! However, this dream home needs A LOT of work to get it to "dream" status. Having remodeled 4 homes prior, we are excited to bring our experience and expertise to this new project. #DIY #HomeRenovation #H

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