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Tassel Tree Sign

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

One of my favorite things in nature and symbols of Christmas is the pine tree. I love how during the gloomy months of winter they are steadfast in their vibrant beautiful and resilience. Winter is not my favorite season, at least when I consider the weather and lack of color outside. However, during the holidays I get to bring their beauty inside, incorporating them into my home decor, and there is something so cozy and warm about their presence. While I love all the miniature faux pines all over my home, I'm always eager to find other ways to represent them. This is my latest addition. It's easy (and I know we all need easy right now!) and will add some great texture to your home decor.

For this project you'll need yarn (any color you'd like), scissors, an empty roll of large tape (you just need the round cardboard), 2 clothes pins, a wood sign (purchase or make), glue gun, and glue. To start, you just need the yarn, empty tape roll, clothes pins, scissors, and a small twig from outside.

To start, you just need to wrap the yarn around the two clothes pins. You'll then want to wrap around about 20 times, depending on how big and full you want the tassel.

This one has been wrapped around 20 times.

When you're done wrapping, you'll cut a piece of the yarn, bring it under the yarn you've wrapped around the clothes pins.

You'll then tie that and keep wrapping and tie until you've decided it is secure enough. I like to wrap and tie it 5 or 6 times. Then slide the tassel off of the clothes pins.

Then, you'll cut the bottom loops of the long side to create the tassel look. You may need/want to trim to make it shorter and/or more even, if desired. Depending on the size of the sign and tassels, you'll want to decide how many you need. I am going with seven tassels, as my sign is 5.5"x9" and the tassels are 3" long.

Here is the rough arrangement. Now the final step is to glue the tassels and twig to the sign, starting from the bottom up.

Start with the stick, place in the middle at the bottom. Then glue the bottom row of tassels. The second row should be arranged so the bottom just covers the tops of the tassels below. For the top, repeat the previous step.

And here is the final piece! So cute, simple, and inexpensive!

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